Jake Sinclair

Birthday: May 18

Role: President

Start Date: November 2015




Wife: Jenna

Kids: Hayley & Byron

  • Golfing with my buddies
  • Slaying pints
  • Out on the boat with the family


Grew up in god’s country Carp, Ontario

  • What is one accomplishment, I am most proud of? 4 Time Chubbs Peterson Invitational Champion
  • Goal: to be a 10 time Chubbs Peterson Champ
  • Share a unique skill that others don’t know about? I can bench press more weight then Blinn
  • What’s the best piece of advice ever received? If you hear weird noises at night, make weirder noises to assert dominance
  • Personal motto: Sex is like money, only too much is enough

  • Sports: Go Sens Go
  • Movies= Adult
  • Band= Zach Bryan
  • Books= Zero